New Item--Bifolds!

We’ve got a new item!

When my husband and I came up with the trifold design (to solve MY problem of needing six pages displayed at once), I presumed that giving you the option of displaying the maximum number of pages would be great.

I knew that if you didn't need the full capacity of a trifold, you could fold a pocket back or just leave it empty.

However, some of you said that you didn't always need to display six pages and that bifolds would be nice. Hint, hint, hint.

Anyway, they’re finally here—bifolds!


These can be used in any standard 3-ring binder or with a ChoreoKeeper binder. (We place the clips such that they’ll hold up bifolds too.)

My experiments with these have shown card stock to be unnecessary. The holes ARE reinforced though.

As with trifolds, the more you purchase, the better the price per bifold.

I hope that these will make your ChoreoKeeper binder/sheet protectors even more useful to you.