- Minimize page turns by displaying up to 6 pages at once (watch this for how to manage more than 6 pages)

- Rearrange pages easily with archival, reduced-glare trifold or bifold sheet protectors

- Use clips on swing-out arms to support sheet protectors when extended

- Have room in the binder for about 50 pages total (each trifold equals 3 pages)

- Know that you'll have this well-made, durable binder for a long time

The ChoreoKeeper solid-back binder (above) is ideal for use with a music rack or sturdy stand.

Your wonderful ChoreoKeepers arrived today. Beautiful quality! I can’t wait to arrange all my music later!
— Fidelma N., choral director & organist, Ireland



-  Sheet music (8.5" x 11" page size)

-  Group exercise choreography

- Presentations 

- Chore charts for children

-  Lean manufacturing visual management





Choose the binder type that suits your purposes best:

- Split-back easel (for freestanding use)

- Solid-back (ideal if you always use a stand; see photos here)