FEEL PREPARED for your group fitness classes

If you use notes for your group fitness choreography and class plans...

If you like focusing more on your class and less on worrying that you'll forget the choreography...

If you like having your plans/notes organized in a binder for quick set-up...

Our ChoreoKeeper binder helps by making it easy to display up to six pages at once.

I love my ChoreoKeeper so much! I use it with every class I teach, and now I’m starting to use it for personal training. You’ve created something wonderful and so helpful to me. Thank you so much! 💕
— Robyn G., from Facebook
I teach TurboKick and this ChoreoKeeper is a fabulous way to not only keep notes for my current class but also have the next class queued up or even be able to throw in the last class without missing a beat. Definitely a must-have for fitness professionals.
— JessiG, from Amazon

My ChoreoKeeper holds notes for strength, step aerobics, and kickboxing.