FEEL PREPARED for your group fitness classes

Do you like having your class plans and choreography notes organized?

Have your notes ever been blown around by a fan?

Do you enjoy having everything ready for quick set-up?

With your material in a ChoreoKeeper, you're free to be the rockstar instructor your participants love. 

Reduced-glare trifold sheet protectors keep notes contained and in order.

Swing-out arms with clips hold everything in place.

With an up-to-six-page display, notes can be printed BIG such that referring to them is easy and not disruptive.

I teach TurboKick and this ChoreoKeeper is a fabulous way to not only keep notes for my current class but also have the next class queued up or even be able to throw in the last class without missing a beat. Definitely a must-have for fitness professionals.
— JessiG, from Amazon

My ChoreoKeeper holds notes for strength, step aerobics, and Turbo Kick.