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"Many thanks for this great product - where have you been all my life??? (We just scotch taped sheet music to the piano this morning!) Thank you!" --Sharon H.

"What a great idea! It really works as I had hoped it would. I can spread a whole song out and not worry about pages dropping off or curling back where I can't see them. Now I can record the whole song without missing a beat (literally!)." --Linda R.

"Your wonderful ChoreoKeepers arrived today. Beautiful quality! I can't wait to arrange all my music later!" --Fidelma N. (choral director, organist), Ireland

"Book looks great and arrived early." --Judith C.

"Thank you for a wonderful product that gives so much joy to people. Our organist nearly breaks my neck with a bear hug every Sunday morning thanking me over and over for hers." --Patsy A.

"Love it." --Bridge&Mike

"Just wanted you to know my friend likes her ChoreoKeeper. It is perfect for her to take along for funerals where she has no page turner." --Janice M.

"Thank you so much for your work on this!  I hope musicians all over find this to be as helpful as I have!" --Max M.

"Perfect for my music. I really like being organized with my individual sheets of music, as well as being able to open up to 6 pages for a song." --Barbara B.

"This is a marvelous means of helping me play the music without worrying about turning pages right in the middle of complex measures. It is fun to simply slide the notebook to the left so that I never miss a beat. Thank you, thank you for providing this wonderful aid!" --Anne H.

"A great invention. I purchased it for my wife who is a church organist. I have been duly rewarded." --Amazon customer

"Finally got around to using mine and it works great!!" --Randy S.

"I have one. I like it. The only issue I have is most of the music I play has more than 6 pages and because the pages are clipped, I can't flip quickly to other side. But it works really well in the shorter pieces. It saves a lot of tape and staples. Like it a lot. Thanks" --Ginger M.

RESPONSE: Here's a video showing how ChoreoKeeper can be used for compositions up to 10 pages long. (Page turns won't be completely eliminated, but they will be reduced.) Using ChoreoKeeper with Music Longer than Six Pages

"So excited to try it out at the assisted living place! Thank you for your product!!!" --Ann M.

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"I teach TurboKick and this ChoreoKeeper is a fabulous way to not only keep notes for my current class but also have the next class queued up or even be able to throw in the last class without missing a beat. Definitely a must-have for fitness professionals." --JessiG



"Received my order. It worked perfectly for my Bible timeline. The girls in my Bible study class may be ordering their own as well since they were so impressed with your product. Thanks again!"  --Lucy


"I have been looking for some sort of portable command center for the 4 kids I am nanny to over the summer. The family doesn't want anything posted on their kitchen walls. I was looking for something I could post my daily activity schedule on (broken down by the hour) over 2 pages. One page for the menu and three for the sticker reward charts for each older child. The added paper storage is such a bonus! Very cool for organized nannies! Then, when my shift is over, I fold it up and take it with me. The next day out it comes and we pick up where we left off. Perfect find!" --Michele W.