Arrange a Large Set List Using Only Trifolds

I’ve gotten a few questions about whether a ChoreoKeeper can hold a large set list.

So that I could answer definitely, one person sent me her actual list of details—song order and number of pages per song.

There were 14 songs for a total of 62 pages of music. Song lengths were 3-10 pages long with most being 4 or 5 pages. The answer was yes, one ChoreoKeeper could contain that!

First is the spreadsheet depiction (shown in the video) that represents the order and layout. It’s hard to see clearly in the video so I included it here. You can click to open it in a new window if you’d like.

Below that is the video. I used 13 trifolds and some single pages to show how the songs could be organized. They’re placed in the order in which they’ll be played.

I’ll be doing another video soon with the same set list but using trifolds AND bifolds to give you another option.