Use with Music Longer than Six Pages

A question that pops up from time to time is what to do with music that's longer than six pages. No, it's not time to go back to cardboard and tape! 

Depending on how much longer the piece is, there will need to be some page turns, but not as many as there would be without a ChoreoKeeper.

Watch the video or see the steps shown below the video for how to set up a piece of music up to 10 pages long. 

With music 10 pages long,

  1. Set up pages 1-3 in the trifold on your left.

  2. Put pages 4 and 5 (back to back) in a single sheet protector.

  3. Put pages 6 and 7 (back to back) in a single sheet protector.

  4. Set up pages 8-10 in the trifold on your right.

You'll play pages 1-4, turn the first single sheet protector once to reveal pages 5 and 6, turn the second single sheet protector to reveal pages 7-10. 

If you have only 9 pages, the right outermost pocket can be left empty or folded back.

For an 8-page song, you'll need only one single sheet protector in the middle of the left and right trifolds. 

To bring outer pages into better viewing range, slide the binder back and forth by grasping the rings.

This approach can be applied to songs with even more pages. However, if you have too many more, it could be time to consider something different like a person to help with page turns or an iPad Pro.