Landscape Documents (or Music) in a ChoreoKeeper

Our friend Bob asked a question that initially stumped me:  "Do you have suggestions for using my ChoreoKeeper with documents (music) printed in landscape mode?"

Then my husband had a great idea: use fold-out sheet protectors with no seam between the two pockets! These hold papers up to 11” x 17” in landscape mode. ChoreoKeeper clips keep the fold-out sheet protectors from sagging.

This will work even if the paper isn’t a full 11” x 17”. It’s a good solution if your music or document is an odd shape.

The white page on the right has been cut to be 8-1/2" x 11". Because it's in a fold-out sheet protector, it still works in the ChoreoKeeper. The arm clip keeps it from sagging.

Staples carries the fold-out protectors. They're around $5 for a package of five

Thanks for the question, Bob!